GC Purrstar's Event Horizon

Flame Pt. Himalayan Female

​B/O Barbara Leffler.

Photo by Larry Johnson

Pet Sack Beds. Fleece lined. Assorted

Fabrics.  Price: $25.00 & $45.00 for the Faux Fur Outside Sack..

Our Popular Round Kitty Beds Are Back​

​The Bed Your Kitty Will Love To Curl Up In 

​GC RW Purrznpauz Red Red Wine

Bred & Owned by Donna Guyer.

Photo by Larry Johnson

Mikkat Hot Rocks

Owned by Kathy De Pietro

Photo by Chanan

Mira's Baby Kitten she found in the trash bin, & saved it's life.


These quilted fabric hand made beds are 15 in. in diameter. They are washable. The pillow is removable.

Price : $45.00.   Ships world wide.